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Winter Race Series Update

- 2nd Apr 2018

All 16 races in the winter races have now been completed. Unfortunately the last race in the series, Trafford 10k was cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

In the men's race, there were only 10 points between the first and second placings and only six points between the second and third placings. So, congratulations to Iain Murdoch on being the first male winner in the SHAC Winter Races Series with 95 points. Biting at Iain's heels was Steve Shaughnessy with 85 points and just behind Steve was Phil Burns with 79 points.

Well done, Iain, Steve and Phil. Look out for the high security van which will be delivering your cash prize very shortly. In the women's race, Sue Garonne was a very commendable third place with 75 points. Just in front in second place was Rebecca Brimage with 82 points, but in the lead with 105 points was Alexis Dinsmor.

Well done everyone. Hope you all enjoy the Summer Race Series and we'll be back with another Winter Race Series in October.