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Helpers’ Rota Co-ordinator required

- 20th Jul 2015

The club has a permission from many who have joined the club on the joining up form for them to be used on occasions for help at the events that Stockport Harriers promote or host.

There is a huge untapped list and I am looking for a co-ordinator to take names from the list when help is required by various single event co-ordinators of events from time to time.

You find / select “X” number of willing persons from the help list and then pass them on to the person who is overall in charge of the event. It is not the job to place them in positions on the day, in fact you do not have to be there on the day! Once you’ve acquired the required number and liased with the organiser with the details of who is available, that’s it!

This is not an onerous job and could easily be exercised by one person and very easily too by phone or e mail (any out of pocket expenses covered), in fact it lends itself well to (multi) E-mail.

The club often struggles to find persons to help out and can loose points at athletic matches as a result of this.

Once a person has been used once, they go down to the bottom of the list so it may be only once or twice a year that they are called upon.

Jobs are the like of measuring / raking / bin emptying / messenger between officials / marshalling / handing out race finish drinks and so on.

Also the person (can be two!) should encourage individuals to become graded officials eventually (timekeepers, recorders etc) and we have all the required information on that too on how to do this.

Act now, please talk to Peter Powell and help to get this vital job up to full speed as soon as possible.

Thanks Peter Powell

 Tel: 0161 477 8922 or peter [dot] powell [at] mypostoffice [dot] co [dot] uk