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Schools Cross-Country League Race 4

- 20th Jan 2013

Girls Years 3 & 4

After 4 races, the league table is beginning to develop its final form. Betty Hall of Norbury Hall heads the table with 16 points, leading Esther Hulley of Hazel Grove, by 14 points. However, both their positions are threatened by girls lower down the table that have not run all 4 races. Leah Wilkinson, Vernon Park, has won all 3 of her races and Daisy Keigher, Ludworth Primary, has an average position of 2nd. Christie Allen who has raced and come 2nd twice could also stir the pot if she does the last two races

Boys Years 3 & 4

The boys’ table is in a similar position to the girls’. Jackson Keane, St Mary’s heads the table with 20 points, leading a group of 3 boys closely clustered 15 to 17 points adrift. Further down the table there is a group of strong contenders with 3 races under their belts: Alec McLachlan, Norbury Hall, who has won all 3 of his races, Bow Hornby, Norbury Hall, who has a 5th and two 3rds to his credit and Henry Carne, Romliey, with a 3rd and two 4ths.

Girls Years 5 & 6

Mollie Cook, Ladybrook and Imogen Porteous Williams, Banks Lane, head the table on 12 and 14 points respectively, from 4 races. However, there are strong contenders for the top 3 positions from girls that have not done all 4 races: Evie Wild, High Lane Primary has a 2nd and two 4ths to her credit and Pippa Crook, Stockport Grammar, needs to replicate twice more the 3rd she achieved in races 3 and 4 to give herself a good chance of standing on the podium. Abby O’Neill, Our Lady of Mont Carmel, with a 2nd and 3rd from two races, could also achieve a podium position if she competes and scores well in the final 2 races.

Boys Years 5 & 6

Joe Davidson, Stockport Grammar, heads the table on 7 points and with 3 wins so far, looks close to wrapping up top spot. Dominic Crossland, Great Moor, lies 2nd on 12 points, but closely sniffing at his heels is Owen Mcpherson, St Christopher’s, who has come 3rd in his 3 races and beaten Dominic once. Harry Hince, St Joseph’s Reddish, also has a chance of getting on the podium having a 2nd and 4th to his credit, but he needs to compete in the last two races.