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Northern Road Relays

- 30th Sep 2006
Northern 4-stage team

Stockport's 4-stage Relay A-team at Hartlepool; Carley Davis, Carla Stansfield, Emma Hampson and Helen Hudson.

Once again Stockport ladies were up and running at the Northern 4-stage with two full teams.

Even though the venue was quite a distance away up in Hartlepool we were still up for the challenge.

There were 64 women's teams entered yet only 34 made to the start line shows that when some come to travelling its not for them.

We did have a few drop outs due to illness which is always a problem however those who stepped in did a magnificent job.

The A-team consisted of Carley Davis, Carla Stansfield, Emma Hampson and Helen Hudson, all 4 coming in on the last few days.

The B-team had Helen Walch, Sarah Kay, Marie Kay and Vicky Barrett with Sarah coming in on the day of the race.

However this team bonding was all worthwhile with the A-team finishing only 3 places behind our previous best of 13th and our B-team having it's highest finishing position of 23rd.

The venue along the Hartlepool Promenade with and out and back course on a warm sunny day.

Carley Davies and Helen Walch were on the 1st legs and both ran excellent legs to hand over to our 2nd leg runners.

Carla Stansfield was off like a shot and made up 7 places. Likewise Sarah Kay made up 6 places to hand over to our 3rd leg runners.

Emma Hampson maintained the momentum and gained another 2 places and Marie on the other team ran bravely to keep us in contention for the B-team.

Finally Helen Hudson ran a super run with one of the top 10 fastest on the 4th leg to bring us home in 16th place. Vicky Barrett ran hard to pull the B-team into 23rd place. To watch was a real joy as it unfolded as everyone gave it their all, a terrific job well done.

The women's winners were Chester-le-Street who had a very strong line up of internationals with an overall time of 50-50, second were Liverpool Harriers some 3 minutes behind which showed their class.

The men's team finished 34th from 80 teams and qualified for the National 6-stage in October.

Northern Relay Results
Ladies' A-team 16th Ladies' B-team 23rd
1. Carley Davies 14.58 (27th) 1. Helen Walch 15.15 (30th)
2. Carla Stansfield 14.57 (20th) 2. Sarah Kay 15.53 (24th)
3. Emma Hampson 15.16 (18th) 3. Marie Kay 18.11 (28th)
4. Helen Hudson 14.15 (16th) 4. Vicky Barrett 14.57 (23rd)
Men's Team 34th
1. Simon Bennett 17.51 (46th) 4. Frank Reilly 19.34 (35th)
2. Andy Nixon 17.06 (29th) 5. Mike Thiele 18.23 (36th)
3. Steve Haylock 18.17 (29th) 6. Jon Walch 18.39 (34th)
Full results at availabe at:

Athlete of the Month Award

This Tuesday (26th September) will be the first presentation of the Thompson Brothers' Athlete of the Month award in club house at around 6.55pm.

Uttoxeter Cross Country Races

Report: Pete Torrence

Team medallists at Uttoxeter; James       Bartley, Dan Lawton and Max Cole

Team medallists at Uttoxeter; James Bartley, Dan Lawton and Max Cole

On Sunday a small number of junior athletes made the trip to Uttoxeter for the first cross- country race of the season and took on the local clubs in that area with a great result in the under-11 boys' race over a 1.75 mile hilly course.

Max Cole and Dan Lawton had to take on a big field but both of them came to the front of the field on the second of the two laps and took the lead with half a mile to go and both where together with a hundred metres to go but a last minute attack by another athlete split them.

Max Cole took first place and Dan Lawton took third place, they where backed up by James Bartley who had a great run having just arriving as the race was starting and had to make up a lot of distance. The boys took 3rd team prize.